Disasters can be natural or man made and can include bushfires, floods, epidemics and acts of terrorism.

Australia is a country all too familiar with natural disasters and the devastating effects they have on the environment and surrounding communities.  As a nation, the impact they have on us and our families can be as traumatic and unsettling as the disasters themselves. 

To help you and your family cope in the event of a disaster, the following links have been carefully selected to provide you with some of the best tip sheets, resources and web links available.

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Disasters: TGN Resources

Preparing your family for disaster

This tipsheet provides practical and emotional tips on how you can help to prepare your family for the possibility of a disaster. 

Disasters, the media and your child

When natural disasters occur in Australia, or man made disasters occur elsewhere in the world, they are often given constant media coverage.

Disasters: Weblinks

Skylight, NZ

This website provides a range of resources around disasters and their impact on children, young people and families. 

National Child Traumatic Stress Network, US

This website provides a comprehensive range of resources for parents, carers and professionals on responding to the needs of children and young people following a disaster. 

Still standing after a natural disaster , Salvation Army Australia

This website features resources and personal stories from people who have experienced disasters in Australia. 

Australian Red Cross Emergency Resources

This website features a range of disaster resources for children and for families including resources on disaster preparedness and recovering from disaster. 

Emergency Management Australia

This website features a range of information that is helpful for families when preparing for the possibility of a natural disaster. It also contains updates on where to go and find help during disasters.