Australia’s First Peoples are resilient and resourceful.  We have survived through adversities; some in the past, but many of these adversities are ongoing.  There are still issues impacting on how we live today, and they range from issues such as the effects of the stolen generations, to other business, and the breadth of things in between.  Many times we are left feeling helpless and under supported in the face of these adversities. 

Here on this site we have tried to gather together information and contacts to help you navigate through these hard times of loss, grief and trauma.  These resources are selected by us here at TGN; they must be valid, helpful, and evidence based to make the cut.  If you have to deal with an issue around trauma, for example, you can use our site as a first port of call.  It is also updated regularly to be relevant at times of specific crises and traumatic events. 

This specific Indigenous Hub is helpful for First Nations Australians who need help or support, or information on how to help others.  It is also invaluable to those who work with Indigenous peoples.

March 20th was Closing the Gap day. Watch this great video of how one school and its students are working to Close the Gap. 


Indigenous: TGN Resources

Indigenous Parents and Carers - How might trauma, loss and grief affect your bub? 

This tipsheet provides information on how to recognise trauma in children, what you can do and where you can go for help. 

This tipsheet talks about trasgenerational trauma and how some past experiences of trauma may impact on you and your bub. 
This tipsheet discusses how culture can help with healing and how focusing on strengths can help the children to have a more positive future.


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Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care

The SNAICC clearinghouse provides an extensive database of literature and practical materials from across the country on violence and abuse, general health and parenting. The site also features a service directory with contact deatils of resource agencies nationwide. .
Aus Government
This section on early childhood features stories, resources and publications to better understand the needs of Indigenous children, as well as policies and programs to improve the health during the early years.
Indigenous: Multimedia

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